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About Boris Mosner

I believe in Simple Human Interaction. My work may be powered by technology, it must always capture the magic of the real world.

I have been working as a Director and DOP on numerous innovative and award-winning commercials since the 1980s, and I am a member of the prestigious ADC ART Directors club. My aim is to provide a complete artistic solution, by working with clients in interpreting, developing and enhancing creative ideas, before I undertake the complete production process from start to finish together with my team of experts. My VFX technicians and I are specialised in table top and I am a master of liquid, food, technical, slow motion and special effects, using my 30 years’ experience to capture the beauty and emotion of objects. My team and I will design and test every shot, using state of the art equipment to realise your creative vision. If you would like a clearer idea of my work, please feel free to download some compressed clips from PRODUCTEYE.DE. You can also see a detailed breakdown of the services I offer, as well as a comprehensive look at the equipment I use. Whatever requirements you have in order to realise your table top project, whether at home or abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact me to receive my full support. I can produce your film at ProductEye studio, or bring my experience, expertise and creativity to you.

My quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. To be happy to assist you with know-how and experience.

Boris Mosner


Together we can turn your creative vision into a reality.

Boris Mosner – Founder of Producteye




ProductEye operates in a 500m2 studio complex in Quickborn, on the outskirts of Hamburg. All high-speed pictures are captured by my Phantom Flex – a state of the art camerasystem for high-end results in different speed and resolution. Not only will you be able to see every shot directly on set, but you can also see and work on shot sequences in our integrated postproduction suite, right after the shooting.

postproduction department is powered by the groundbreaking SGO Mistika system. It combines computing power with native Raw support for all modern digital cameras. However grand your ideas, our postproduction department will modify and manipulate your film images to fit your creative vision.

This can all be done from our postproduction suite in Quickborn. This studio suite offers a full FCP system for offline and online editing, as well as the amazing SGO Mistika 2K software, a complete postproduction solution.

It allows us to perform telecine grading up to 4K directly on the Red Raw, Phantom Raw, and Alexa Raw files, as well as other file types like .tiff and .dpx. The Raw data goes directly from the camera to our Mistika RAID file system, removing all rendering time. From here, we can retouch the images through conforming and keying, as well as add motion effects and grading. All this is independent of the resolution. We can also create 3d objects in Softimage XSI, building replicas of your pack, car, or product through photo realistic computer graphics. Liquid animation is another visual effect we can create in-house.

With your film finished, we can output to a variety of file types and storage mediums, from digibeta to HDcam SR, from Quicktimes to .dpx sequences, whatever suits your needs.

Our special FX department prides itself on their amazing set constructions, giving each film huge production value. In our wood and metal shop, we build huge dummies – such as man-sized beer glasses or coffee beans as big as tennis balls. We also build tiny objects, such as the precise and intricate details of a clockwork. These objects, built with care and attention, look amazing on film.

We have a powerful and controllable air-pressure setup, allowing us to get liquids to move exactly as we want, capturing the elegant movement on film.

We pride ourselves on our ability to choose the right equipment for the job. At our disposal we have everything from classic 35mm Film cameras, to revolutionary 4K digital cameras – including the Red, the Phantom Flex, and the Arri Alexa. Alongside these we have a range of lenses, from Zeiss to Cook, as well as special lenses like snorkel or boroscope. Special camera support systems, like a turning circle, are also available for use. Also we offer to work with the revolutionary Bolt highspeed motion control.



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